The CAT DUCT Factory, with an installed capacity up to 20,000 sq.ft/day. of HVAC Ductwork per day, will be the most modern and largest of its kind in Qatar using state-of-the-art computer-controlled machinery from the USA, the UK and Europe. This facility will manufacture ducts complying with international standards such as SMACNA, DW etc.

Other salient features of CAT Duct Factory are quality assurance and control at every stage of manufacture conforming to international processes and standards, highly experienced engineers working with skilled technicians and fabricators-and strict compliance with health, safety and environment norms.

Our Product Ranges are:-

Rectangular Ductwork (Available in GI, SS, BS & AL)
Circular / Spiral Duct
Fire Rated Duct Work (Firemac, UK)
Pre-Insulated Duct
Volume Control Dampers
Fire Dampers (UL Certified / QCD Approved)
Access Doors
Back Draft Dampers
Air Filters
Sound Attenuators
Sand Trap Louvers
Motorized Dampers
Variable Air Volume (VAVBox)
Aluminum Cladding for Pipes & Ducts
Fresh Air Intake Assembly
S.S. Kitchen Hoods

Chairman's Message

We believe it is our customers who make us what we are. We have successfully executed projects for hotels, hospitals, airport terminals, oil field projects, housing schemes, shopping malls, office complexes, power stations and so on. It is our honour to work with the best consultants and manufacture custom made products to suit their design requirement.


Our mission is to manufacture ducts & related products, complying with international standards and custom made designs to suit any project requirements.


Being 100% Qatari owned company, we want to become the leader in manufacturing custom made Ducts and related products in the ME Region.

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